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Competing Panels on Antisemitism

Our TTN colleague, Karla Goldman, is the Sol Drachler Professor of Social Work and Professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan where she

TTN Discussion on BDS & Anti-Zionism

This began when Kenneth S. Stern, currently director of the Bard Center for the Study of Hate and our colleague at The Third Narrative (TTN), informed


The Alliance for Academic Freedom condemns the treatment of Rose Ritch, a Jewish undergraduate at University of Southern California who resigned under pressure as vice

Is ‘Philo-Semitism’ Good for the Jews?

An Iraq War veteran (of mixed Ashkenazi and Iraqi Jewish ancestry) and two-time failed Republican candidate for public office, Elan Carr, was appointed in Feb. 2019

NYC Mayor Antisemitic? Think Again

Not surprisingly, publications and writers with different political leanings have handled this issue differently.  Conservative journalist John Podhoretz, writing in the NY Post, has gone

Contemporary Academic Antisemitism

This post selects from, and links to, an article in The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism, “The Devil’s Intersectionality: Contemporary Cloaked Academic Antisemitism,” by our colleague,

Critique of Panel on Antisemitism

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) opened its first full day on Feb. 9 with a session called “Leveraging Community Relations to Fight Antisemitism” —

Let’s Call It ‘Jew-Hatred’

On Dec. 25 (three days prior to the Monsey stabbing attack), a TTN colleague, historian Shulamit Magnus, blogged in The Times of Israel under the