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Two states, peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians.

Some people regard Israel as evil. Others defend it as if it can do no wrong. As ardent opponents of the occupation who see no contradiction between being pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian, we know that some of what Israel’s critics say is true. And some of what its defenders say is also true.

Our goal is to present a third narrative, to weigh the claims and counter-claims in this ongoing debate in order to help those who want to pursue peace and justice for both Israelis and Palestinians.

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The “Zionism/Anti-Zionism” Debate: Bad for Israel, Bad for Palestine

For as long as I can recall, a feverish debate has been waged about the merits and demerits of something called “Zionism” and another something called “Anti-Zionism”. For many years, I’ll confess, I was an active participant. Now, though, I find the argument to be not only aimless drudgery, but a framing that primarily serves the most extreme viewpoints on either side of the Israel-Palestine question and that entrenches a binary zero-sum game mentality.

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A ‘Solidarity Visit’ in Wartime

There are pitfalls to “solidarity tours” of Israel in the wake of October 7th; this one tried, albeit imperfectly, to avoid them. The trick is to cultivate compassion and understanding for both Israelis and Palestinians at this terrible time.

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