Israel, Hamas and ‘Genocide’

I analyze the nature of Hamas and explain why Israel is not guilty of genocide yet has apparently violated the rule of proportionality in its war against Hamas. I also advocate an endgame strategy that reintroduces the prospect of a 2 state solution.

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Ignorance & Acrimony in Debating the Z Word

“Zionism” has become more of an ideological football being kicked around by the pro’s and the anti’s who want to score against each other rather than to reasonably settle this longstanding and increasingly violent conflict. It’s the extremes who are the most vociferous in their Zionism or their anti-Zionism.

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What Hamas Wants: Insights From An Insider

The aspirations of Hamas and its allies … are irreconcilable with any negotiation that Israelis will ever entertain. . . . Still, the rejectionism of the anti-Zionist movement does not preclude crafting a future that a majority of Palestinians and Israelis can live with.

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