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Opposing Antisemitism is a Progressive Cause

Project Shema “trains and supports the Jewish community and allies to understand and address contemporary antisemitism, with an emphasis on how anti-Jewish ideas can emerge in discourse around Israel and Palestine.”

Ignorance & Acrimony in Debating the Z Word

“Zionism” has become more of an ideological football being kicked around by the pro’s and the anti’s who want to score against each other rather than to reasonably settle this longstanding and increasingly violent conflict. It’s the extremes who are the most vociferous in their Zionism or their anti-Zionism.

Does Anti-Zionism=Antisemitism?

The problem isn’t just that “Zionism” itself has many meanings. It’s that many speakers and commentators flit from one meaning to another. The result is that we often have little idea about what we’re debating.

A Selective Survey of Media

We’re presenting subjects ranging from Israel’s current crises to discussions of the Nakba, the welfare state in West Bank settlements, and a speech by a CUNY law school grad.

Ameinu Condemns ‘Mapping Project’

Ameinu Condemns Antisemitic Boston Mapping Project Ameinu is deeply dismayed by the “Mapping Project,” an attempt by an anonymous Boston-area organization to create a map