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When Peace Seemed Close

Our Third Narrative community has been debating whether there’s any prospect for a two-state solution, or any resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would leave

Settler Violence and ‘Apartheid’

There’s no question that there’s a human rights crisis going on in the West Bank, with radical settlers running amok, virtually with impunity.  Letty Cottin

Three Definitions of Antisemitism, Part 2

Just prior to Holocaust Remembrance Day, our TTN colleague, David Schraub (pictured here), has continued to analyze definitions of antisemitism in a number of venues. 

Competing Panels on Antisemitism

Our TTN colleague, Karla Goldman, is the Sol Drachler Professor of Social Work and Professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan where she

TTN Discussion on BDS & Anti-Zionism

This began when Kenneth S. Stern, currently director of the Bard Center for the Study of Hate and our colleague at The Third Narrative (TTN), informed