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Et Tu, Beinart? TTN Members Respond

Peter Beinart’s recent NY Times op-ed and his longer essay in Jewish Currents argue in principle for a one-state binational solution for Israelis and Palestinians.  His article in Jewish

In-Depth Look at Annexation

Calev Ben-Dor, deputy editor of Fathom, the British online publication on Israel-related subjects, has written a broad examination of the prospect for Israel’s annexation of large

Why Sanders & Warren Boycott AIPAC

Over 25 years ago, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin complained about the anemic support of AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) for his government’s efforts

Contemporary Academic Antisemitism

This post selects from, and links to, an article in The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism, “The Devil’s Intersectionality: Contemporary Cloaked Academic Antisemitism,” by our colleague,

How Do We Expect Palestinians to Think?

This is a brief point-counterpoint taken by permission from The Third Narrative’s email discussion group.  It began with TTN’s editor, Ralph Seliger, commenting on an