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Labor Resurrects; Will Meretz Die?

On March 23rd, Israel will hold its fourth national election in two years.  The multi-party contending field is even more chaotic than usual, but one

Trump-Kushner ‘Peace Plan’

At first glance, it seems to meet some Palestinian demands for a state, including land swaps in compensation for Israel annexing settlements, but one should

AAF/Ameinu Video on How BDS Targets Individuals

A video that AAF and AMEINU have sponsored records personal testimonies of students and faculty from the US who have experienced personal attacks from BDS-allied colleagues and students.  The quality of the filming is high and the stories are compelling.  Please share it widely.  We have people in Britain, Canada, and Israel committed to be filmed as well — if funding can be found. 

Security Abuses at B-G Airport

The following is taken from The Third Narrative’s Facebook page: Ameinu, the sponsor of The Third Narrative, is deeply disturbed by the recent news of