AAF/Ameinu Video on How BDS Targets Individuals

This is a message from our colleague, Prof. Cary R. Nelson:

A video that AAF and AMEINU have sponsored records personal testimonies of students and faculty from the US who have experienced personal attacks from BDS-allied colleagues and students.  The quality of the filming is high and the stories are compelling.  Please share it widely.  We have people in Britain, Canada, and Israel committed to be filmed as well — if funding can be found.

This can be shared on Facebook at this link.

It is also accessible by clicking this YouTube link, and we include the actual video at the bottom of this post.  The narrative begins as follows:

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement insists it targets institutions, not individuals.  But in fact, it urges people to take actions against both students and colleagues.  The BDS movement has inspired others to threaten people, undercut their academic freedom, or deny them professional opportunities they have earned.

It then goes on to briefly present examples of BDS-inspired attacks on the academic freedom of students and faculty.  We hope for funding to produce an expanded feature.  Here is the video so far: