Project Rozana: Building Bridges Via Healthcare

Ken Bob, the president of Ameinu (TTN’s sponsor), also serves as the chairperson of Project Rozana USA.   Project Rozana is a global initiative that seeks to build bridges between Israeli citizens and Palestinians through health.  (This links to the story of Rozana Salawhi, the four-year old whose survival inspired Project Rozana’s name.)  What follows is a report on its latest developments.

Two of the programs that are highlighted below owe their existence to initial U.S. funding. A generous American foundation provided a grant to carry out a womens healthcare needs analysis study on the West Bank. The result is the female Palestinian community health workers initiative. Rotary District 7610 in Virginia provided the spark to organize 30 Rotary Clubs in the United States, Canada and Australia to fund a trauma training program for Israeli and Palestinian doctors. 

Training towards the future of Palestinian nursing

Project Rozana has launched a Specialist Nursing Training program developed by Nurses in the Middle East. This initiative brings together Israeli and Palestinian nurses from West Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital and East Jerusalem’s Augusta Victoria Hospital.  Read more here

Establishing a cross-border trauma hub through joint ATLS training

Project Rozana’s Advanced Trauma Life Support Training (ATLS) program assists Palestinian and Israeli doctors to improve the management of acute trauma cases.

Following the success of the pilot program in December 2021, the first 2022 ATLS course, supported by Rotary International, was held on May 18-19.  Read more here

Empowering Palestinian women in remote communities

The first Project Rozana training session for female Palestinian Community Health Workers (CHW) from the Hebron region was held on 30-31 March 2022 at the Women’s Health Innovation Center at Sheba Beyond, Israel’s Sheba Hospital’s virtual hospital.  Read more here