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Blaming Israel/Jews for 9/11 and Iraq

The following revisits debates from recent decades that still weigh upon American Jews and supporters of Israel, but leaves aside blatant antisemitic conspiracy theories.  How do

Top Israeli Security Vets Support 2 States

The following letter, dated August 27, 2019, was co-signed by 25 retired Israel Defense Forces commanders and former government security heads (listed under text). It

Debating Nuances in Tlaib/Omar Ban

In an extensive email discussion, participants in The Third Narrative (TTN) have indicated some difference of opinion regarding this episode as it has evolved.  There’s

DSA’s New Pro-BDS Resolution

The Third Narrative first noted the dramatic changes in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) by posting a piece by writer-activist JoAnn Mort, a founding

Bernie Sanders on Israel and Jewishness

There’s a new Jewish Currents article regarding Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Jewishness (“What Being Jewish Means to Bernie“).  Although the JC piece was fairly good, it