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Media Brief: Saudi-Israel Relations Edition

This improbable development may be gaining momentum. The Israeli Tourism Minister had a Saudi visa in hand to participate in an international conference in Riyadh. And the Crown Prince said that ‘every day we get closer’ to a normalization deal.

Does Zionism=Settler Colonialism?

Zionism is frequently disparaged and dismissed as “European settler colonialism.” Sam Fleischacker shows how it resembles settler colonialism in some ways but also that there are crucial differences.

Far-right Gov’t. May Not Last Long

The mainstream right may well regain power, with the support or leadership of Gantz and Lapid, which is better than Ben-Gvir and Smotrich. But that would mean a return to the status quo we have been protesting against for so many years. 

New Approaches to the ‘Right of Return’

While protesting now against their extremist government, Israelis also need to resolve the Palestinian conflict in the future. That means finding new solutions to challenges like the Palestinian call for a “Right of Return.”

A Selective Survey of Media

We’re presenting subjects ranging from Israel’s current crises to discussions of the Nakba, the welfare state in West Bank settlements, and a speech by a CUNY law school grad.

Our Land, but Not Only Ours

The author (pictured above) asks: “How do I convince my own people, and the people on the other side, that we both have a legitimate right to live here?”