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Sen. Schumer’s Israel-Gaza Speech

This is an abridged version of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s bold speech on the floor of the US Senate, urging steps toward a lasting peace through a two-state solution; this also links to the speech in its entirety.

Palestinian-American Tells Left: Stop Excusing Hamas

There’s a refusal by some on the left to denounce Hamas as a violent terror group that not only committed a vile atrocity against Israelis, but has exercised authoritarian violence against Gazans for over 17 years. [Posted by permission of the Forward]

The Mother of All Opportunities

Despite its horrors, the Israel-Hamas war provides a new opportunity for diplomatic solutions; but that won’t happen if Netanyahu remains in power.

Israel, Hamas and ‘Genocide’

I analyze the nature of Hamas and explain why Israel is not guilty of genocide yet has apparently violated the rule of proportionality in its war against Hamas. I also advocate an endgame strategy that reintroduces the prospect of a 2 state solution.

Palestinian Voices for a ‘Third Narrative’ & Peace

We’re delighted to find new Palestinian voices who, like us, insist on respecting the needs and feeling the pain of people on both sides, denouncing extremists and appreciating the complexities of the conflict.

Media Brief: Renewed War Edition

There’s irony in that the Oct. 7th surprise attack occurred one day after the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, and was characterized by a similar Israeli blindness and arrogance. We also examine war crimes, sexism, the day after, and more.