Ralph Seliger

Israel, Hamas and ‘Genocide’

I analyze the nature of Hamas and explain why Israel is not guilty of genocide yet has apparently violated the rule of proportionality in its war against Hamas. I also advocate an endgame strategy that reintroduces the prospect of a 2 state solution.

Can We ‘Both Sides’ Hamas?

Denouncing the atrocities committed by Hamas, hoping for its defeat, while also seeing the agony of over two million Gazans under attack in response. There are no easy answers.

Media Brief: Saudi-Israel Relations Edition

This improbable development may be gaining momentum. The Israeli Tourism Minister had a Saudi visa in hand to participate in an international conference in Riyadh. And the Crown Prince said that ‘every day we get closer’ to a normalization deal.

Was Golda a Better PM Than I Thought?

The new ‘Golda’ biopic does not address the criticism that Meir could have avoided the Yom Kippur War. … The tragedy is that Meir was unwilling to consider a complete withdrawal from the Sinai, and that Sadat was not open to true negotiations.

JVP’s Dogmatic Anti-Zionism 

It’s a mistake to conflate a historic grassroots movement, attempting to defend Jews against oppression, with the policies of specific governing coalitions in Israel, however deplorable they may be.