Lee Bearson

Israelis Rally for Democracy

On Sunday, Feb. 12th, I went out to a demonstration at Washington Square Park in New York’s Greenwich Village neighborhood.  It was organized by a

The Evil We Should Remember on Purim

I’m not especially religious, but I belong to a synagogue, and a virtual religious Jewish community during the pandemic.  Much of this post is drawn from my

Disturbing Increase in Settler Violence

On Sunday, Feb. 13th, the Indiana University Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism hosted a talk by Irwin Cotler, a retired law professor and

Debating Zionism as ‘Settler-Colonialism’

On Dec. 20, 2021, Alan Johnson, editor of the British online journal, Fathom, debated Prof. Leila Farsakh (a political scientist at the University of Massachusetts-Boston)

Labor Resurrects; Will Meretz Die?

On March 23rd, Israel will hold its fourth national election in two years.  The multi-party contending field is even more chaotic than usual, but one

Examining Israel-U.A.E. Peace

The following is an adaptation of my talk on Sept. 1 at a Zoom session of the NYC Political Forum, a “Meetup” group.  Some of what