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Weaponizing ‘Genocide’

The deaths of children and other innocents in Gaza, mostly from US-supplied weaponry, are what’s driving campus protests. Too many non-combatants have died, but Israel is not trying to exterminate the Palestinian people.

‘Standing Together’ Activist Counters Extremes at UCLA

Zahra Sakkejha and her peers wore purple T-shirts and held signs that read, “Free the Hostages, “Ceasefire Now,” “Diplomacy Now,” and “Not One More Drop of Blood!” They chanted, “In Gaza, in Tel Aviv, all the children want to live!”

Ways to Help Israelis and Gazans

This is a list of NGOs, some providing humanitarian relief in Israel and others in the Gaza Strip, which would benefit from financial support.

Opposing Antisemitism is a Progressive Cause

Project Shema “trains and supports the Jewish community and allies to understand and address contemporary antisemitism, with an emphasis on how anti-Jewish ideas can emerge in discourse around Israel and Palestine.”

Palestinian-American Tells Left: Stop Excusing Hamas

There’s a refusal by some on the left to denounce Hamas as a violent terror group that not only committed a vile atrocity against Israelis, but has exercised authoritarian violence against Gazans for over 17 years. [Posted by permission of the Forward]

Israel, Hamas and ‘Genocide’

I analyze the nature of Hamas and explain why Israel is not guilty of genocide yet has apparently violated the rule of proportionality in its war against Hamas. I also advocate an endgame strategy that reintroduces the prospect of a 2 state solution.