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Israelis Rally for Democracy

On Sunday, Feb. 12th, I went out to a demonstration at Washington Square Park in New York’s Greenwich Village neighborhood.  It was organized by a

Israel’s Democracy Under Threat

The recent Israeli election produced a government giving the far right and religious sectors more power than ever before. Leftists, and most centrists, are understandably

When Peace Seemed Close

Our Third Narrative community has been debating whether there’s any prospect for a two-state solution, or any resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would leave

Settler Violence and ‘Apartheid’

There’s no question that there’s a human rights crisis going on in the West Bank, with radical settlers running amok, virtually with impunity.  Letty Cottin

Israel Easing Access to Abortion

Abortions have always been widely accessible in Israel but subject to the approval of a local review committee, which typically meets at neighborhood health facilities.