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How You Can Help

Here’s a list of places to donate for specific projects from some of our friends and colleagues. We will keep updating the list on the Ameinu website.

Our Land, but Not Only Ours

The author (pictured above) asks: “How do I convince my own people, and the people on the other side, that we both have a legitimate right to live here?”

Israelis Rally for Democracy

A new organization of Israelis living in the United States is rallying against the efforts of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s new government to undermine the independence of Israel’s judiciary.

Israelis Rally for Democracy

On Sunday, Feb. 12th, I went out to a demonstration at Washington Square Park in New York’s Greenwich Village neighborhood.  It was organized by a

Israel’s Democracy Under Threat

The recent Israeli election produced a government giving the far right and religious sectors more power than ever before. Leftists, and most centrists, are understandably