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My Heart Struggles with My Head

My heart tells me the Israeli bombing attacks should stop. But my head tells me a ceasefire would enable Hamas leaders to remain in power …. [and] would do nothing to eliminate the threat Hamas poses to Israel in general or allow the residents of … southern Israel to return home.  

Can We ‘Both Sides’ Hamas?

Denouncing the atrocities committed by Hamas, hoping for its defeat, while also seeing the agony of over two million Gazans under attack in response. There are no easy answers.

Does Anti-Zionism=Antisemitism?

The problem isn’t just that “Zionism” itself has many meanings. It’s that many speakers and commentators flit from one meaning to another. The result is that we often have little idea about what we’re debating.

Was Golda a Better PM Than I Thought?

The new ‘Golda’ biopic does not address the criticism that Meir could have avoided the Yom Kippur War. … The tragedy is that Meir was unwilling to consider a complete withdrawal from the Sinai, and that Sadat was not open to true negotiations.

Does Zionism=Settler Colonialism?

Zionism is frequently disparaged and dismissed as “European settler colonialism.” Sam Fleischacker shows how it resembles settler colonialism in some ways but also that there are crucial differences.

Far-right Gov’t. May Not Last Long

The mainstream right may well regain power, with the support or leadership of Gantz and Lapid, which is better than Ben-Gvir and Smotrich. But that would mean a return to the status quo we have been protesting against for so many years.