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End the Occupation

Criticizing the occupation and Israeli policies towards the Palestinians

Combat Unfair Attacks

Addressing unfair and inaccurate attacks from the far left

Two State Solution

Seeking a fair and just final status two-state solution to the Middle East conflict



The Fight for Academic Freedom in the American Anthropological Association is Not Over Yet

By Alliance for Academic FreedomThe Alliance for Academic Freedom is deeply disappointed in the vote last ...

A Letter from an Israeli Student and Peace Activist

By Ameinu OfficeDear Fellow anthropologists, I am writing this letter after much hesitation, since ...

What your boycott means to me

By Daniel OrensteinLike most academics in the summer time, I recently attended two professional ...

The Third Narrative Blog

Activist Guide: Progressive Action for Human Rights, Peace & Reconciliation in Israel and Palestine

By Ameinu Office

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