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TTN Action Alert: Oppose Academic Boycott of Israeli Anthropologists


The Third Narrative has been working actively with Anthropologists for Dialogue on Israel and Palestine (ADIP) to oppose both academic boycotts of Israel and Israel’s continued occupation that helps prevent the creation of a Palestinian State. ADIP is a strong proponent of the core philosophy of The Third Narrative and is leading this fight in the field of Anthropology.

Much to TTN’s dismay, in December the American Anthropological Association business meeting passed an academic boycott of Israel and rejected a balanced alternative resolution developed by ADIP. More information on the issues and ADIP can be found at:

We are currently joining ADIP in calling on all members of the AAA to vote against the boycott. Our friends at ADIP have produced a series of excellent videos explaining their anti-Boycott/anti- Occupation approach to Israel, Palestine, the discipline of Anthropology and international academic collaboration.

TTN will be posting each of these videos [housed on the Ameinu site] over the course of the next month as voting continues on AAA academic boycott resolution.

The first video is now posted at: rabinowitz-on- academic-boycott/

The second is here: mazuz-anthropologists- must-engage/

More will be posted each week. Additionally, each video will be shared on TTN and Ameinu’s Facebook pages and on Twitter.  Please help by:

1. Sharing each video widely through your own social networks on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

2.  Encourage friends to share the videos as well tp get the greatest possible distribution of these excellent pieces.

3.  If you are a AAA member, vote before the May 31 deadline.

4.  Let TTN know about potential AAA members who could be approached to vote on this resolution as well.

Many thanks for supporting this effort.

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