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Slamming ‘Progressive’ Support for Farrakhan


Our TTN colleague, David Schraub, has just had this opinion piece published at Haaretz:  “No One Who Praises an anti-Semite Like Louis Farrakhan Can Call Herself ‘Progressive’.”

Reacting to the warmth expressed for Louis Farrakhan, the extreme Black nationalist preacher, by Women’s March co-leader Tamika Mallory — even in the face of Farrakhan’s fresh antisemitic outburst — Schraub’s main point is summarized beneath the headline as follows:

When the Women’s March co-chairs back a bigot who serially attacks the ‘Satanic Jews’, they’re defended as fearless leaders who won’t give in to ‘bullying’. That hypocrisy goes to the heart of why Jews can’t feel completely at home on the left.

Another one of our TTN colleagues, who teaches Jewish studies at an Upstate New York college but prefers to retain some anonymity online, has posted this at the “Mystical Politics” blog: “Louis Farrakhan and leaders of the Women’s March.”

And a third member of our TTN community, Ken Stern, wrote this background piece on Farrakhan on the eve of the Nation of Islam leader’s visit to Australia in 1998: “The Minister for Hate.” 

Finally, there’s this at The Forward, “Memo To The Left: Denounce Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan,” by Elad Nehorai, an Orthodox Jew who is also progressive, a leader of a new activist group called “Torah Trumps Hate”:

. . .  From the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia to the White House hiring and firing of Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, to the rise of ‘alt-right’ leaders like Richard Spencer and David Duke, we are awash in anti-Semitism at the highest levels.

Less discussed but equally pernicious is the anti-Semitism from the left. Last week, Louis Farrakhan gave a horrifying speech that included references to Jews controlling the government and Hollywood. He also claimed that the Jewish stranglehold over Hollywood created transgenderism. . . [And] that the Jews’ “time is up” and that we will burn in Hell.

. . .  So it was dismaying that a leader of the left would countenance his words, show up at his speech and take a photo with him. And yet this is what leader and co-chair of the Women’s March, Tamika Mallory, did this week.

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