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B-G University Honors Cary Nelson


The scroll awarding our Third Narrative and Alliance for Academic Freedom colleague an honorary doctorate reads (in its English section) as follows: 

The Senate and the Executive Committee of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

hereby resolve to honor
Prof. Cary Nelson

In tribute to an erudite and visionary man of letters, for his uncompromising dedication to advancing American higher education
and to defending academic freedom everywhere; with deep respect for a prolific and original literary scholar of the culture and
theory of the Left, who has expanded and democratized the canon of modern American poetry; to an exemplary academician,
for his long service as president of the American Association of University Professors and as an advisor to colleagues in Israel
and the United States; with admiration for a leader and humanist, who has devoted his intellect, energy, experience and time

to highlighting and righting injustices in higher education and fostering unfettered free dialogue among researchers world-
wide; with profound gratitude to a staunch friend of Israel, for his indomitable opposition to academic boycotts, especially of

Israel, and for his unflagging efforts to illuminate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a fair and balanced manner; and with sincere
appreciation for his efforts to promote openness, tolerance and cooperation, to make the world a better place for all people,

by conferring upon him the degree of Doctor Philosophiae Honoris Causa

With all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto

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