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Examine the different aspects of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, its history and pathways to peace.

What Anti-Zionist Leftists Get Wrong

By Bernard Bohbot

Loathing Israel has become a religion in a large segment of the left – especially the far-left, which has always been anti-Zionist, but even in much of the liberal left. Questioning Israel’s existence is no longer taboo. According to left-wing anti-Zionists, Israel is a “colonial-settler” state that should be dismantled to repair the wrongs done […]

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Debating Nuances in Tlaib/Omar Ban

By TTN Blog

In an extensive email discussion, participants in The Third Narrative (TTN) have indicated some difference of opinion regarding this episode as it has evolved.  There’s a clear consensus that Israel erred politically in reversing its prior stated decision to allow Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar to enter Israel; Ameinu, TTN’s sponsor, was consonant with […]

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We Condemn Israel Denying Entry to Members of Congress

By Ameinu Office

Ameinu strongly condemns the decision of the Government of Israel to deny entry into Israel to US Congressional Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, clearly goaded by US President Donald Trump, has made an unprecedented and irresponsible decision to bar these two democratically elected American officials from Israel,” said Ameinu President […]

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A Left-Zionist’s Very Bad Day (Haaretz)

By Ralph Seliger

On Saturday, July 27th, my lifelong Zionist convictions were emotionally whipsawed in opposite ways.  First, a lengthy article in the Haaretz weekend magazine (“When Arabs Were Invited to Live the Zionist Dream“)  opened a hole in my heart by illuminating Israel’s historic failure to integrate its pre-1967 Arab minority as equal citizens.  Later that day, […]

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Open Letter Against SSSP Academic Boycott Resolution

By Alliance for Academic Freedom

OPEN LETTER TO MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS The Alliance for Academic Freedom (AAF), a multidisciplinary faculty organization that opposes academic boycotts and supports a two-state solution that would facilitate political self-determination for both Israelis and Palestinians, is concerned that the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) is […]

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Recent NY Times Articles on BDS

By TTN Blog

On July 27, three veteran NY Times reporters wrote “an explainer” on the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement against Israel, entitled “Is B.D.S. Anti-Semitic? A Closer Look at the Boycott Israel Campaign.”  Some of us at TTN felt that this article was soft-pedaling how the movement’s leadership was opposed not just to Israeli settlements and […]

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Israel Destroys New Palestinian Homes


There’s been wide international reporting on Israel’s demolition of new apartment houses in an area adjacent to East Jerusalem that is part of Area A, designated by the Oslo Accords as entirely under Palestinian Authority jurisdiction, but geographically part of a Palestinian neighborhood of Jerusalem and on the Israeli side of the separation barrier.  This […]

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