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Examine the different aspects of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, its history and pathways to peace.

Et Tu, Beinart?

By Ralph Seliger

Religiously, Peter Beinart is what one may call “conservadox,” an observant Jew who attends a liberal-ish modern Orthodox synagogue but does not routinely cover his head and doesn’t consider himself Orthodox.  Some years back, we were both guests at the home of a mutual acquaintance for a Shabbat dinner.  And I’ve written a few articles […]

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By Alliance for Academic Freedom

The Alliance for Academic Freedom is deeply troubled by the Israeli government’s apparent intention in the near future to unilaterally annex substantial portions of the West Bank, possibly including both existing settlements and the Jordan Valley. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s winning of a new term and his post-election pronouncements about annexation point to a substantial territorial […]

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In-Depth Look at Annexation

By TTN Blog

Calev Ben-Dor, deputy editor of Fathom, the British online publication on Israel-related subjects, has written a broad examination of the prospect for Israel’s annexation of large swathes of the West Bank, officially open for government consideration on July 1.  Ben-Dor discusses a range of rightwing views, more moderate and center-left perspectives, and historical opinions going back to […]

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The End of Labor Zionism?

By Ralph Seliger

This top photo of a 1950s-era MAPAM socialist-Zionist celebration of May Day (distributed by Creative CC by 2.5) accompanied my History News Network review article, “The Decline and Fall of Socialist Zionism.”  Tal Elmaliach, a young Israeli historian, has written a book (cover below) with a double focus: 1) the leftwing MAPAM political party and […]

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Progressive Jews Oppose Annexation

By Ameinu Office

The following is the May 14th statement of Ameinu (The Third Narrative’s sponsor) on the new Netanyahu-Gantz coalition government, and the statement of J-Link, the International Progressive Jewish Network to which Ameinu is a constituent member: Ameinu Says No to Annexation, Calls on Labor Ministers to Oppose With the formation of a new government of […]

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Netanyahu-Gantz ‘Unity’


Perhaps it can be said that the Coronavirus crisis has claimed its first triumph over a government in apparently causing Kahol-Lavon (Blue and White) party leader Benny Gantz to accede to a coalition agreement with Likud, without forcing the retirement of Israel’s criminally-indicted Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Gantz has declared this a necessity to meet […]

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Founder of DSA Supported Zionism

By Mitchell Cohen

This post borrows from a longer feature in Fathom, the British online journal: “Democratic Socialism, Israel and the Jews: An Interview with Michael Harrington (1975), with new preface by Mitchell Cohen (2020).”  Most of what follows is from the newly-written preface: Michael Harrington [1928-1989] was America’s most eloquent voice for democratic socialism for decades.  . […]

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