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More Focus on Gaza


Last week, The Third Narrative online community continued to discuss and debate the recent bloodshed along the Gaza/Israel border.  In part, this took the form of dueling references to articles.  It began with a link to Lisa Goldman’s moral indictment in The Forward entitled “The Racism of Blaming Palestinians for Their Own Deaths.”

One response linked to Yair Rosenberg’s piece in Tablet, “13 Inconvenient Truths About What Has Been Happening in Gaza,” seeing fault on both sides and arguing that “The reality is much messier than the partisan echo chambers would have you believe.”

Another apt piece is by Yossi Alpher, who has a background with Mossad and as a peace-oriented policy analyst who initially envisioned the concept of “settlement blocs” — seeing how a large majority of the settlers living in close proximity to the pre-June 1967 Green Line boundaries of Israel and the West Bank should facilitate an exchange of territories with a future Palestinian state.  This is his reaction to the Gaza imbroglio (replete with some dovish policy prescriptions in his closing paragraphs):  “Memo To The World: Israel And Hamas Are Both To Blame For Carnage In Gaza.”

An additional helpful source of information came in the form of an audio briefing arranged by the Israel Policy Forum with veteran policy analysts, Nimrod Novik and Ilan Goldenberg, reporting on both the Jerusalem embassy and Gaza issues.  Among the nuggets provided in the discussion:

  • Hamas took over demonstrations initially organized by grassroots Gazans critical of Hamas rule, and that there is widespread bitterness against Hamas for the copious blood shed without tangible benefit. 

  • The Palestinian Authority has been “dragging its feet” to return to Gaza, despite the energetic efforts of Egypt to make this happen.

  • Netanyahu would like to provide more humanitarian assistance to Gaza but fears Naftali Bennett and other politicians to his right, attacking him for being “soft” on Hamas. 

One can still listen by clicking here.


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