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Don’t Let Hope for Peace and Security Fade

By Kenneth Bob

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Each day’s news bring tragic stories of chaos and violence from Israel and the Palestinian territories, with growing numbers of people injured and killed. Negotiations have ceased. Incitement, anti-democratic legislation and popular racism are exacerbating the already unsustainable status quo. Under these conditions, Israelis and Palestinians are losing hope for a peaceful and just future.

Furthermore, we receive almost daily reports that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is generating an aggressive clash between militant defenders of Israeli actions and advocates of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) on campuses and in communities across North America. Both sides assert black and white – good vs. evil – narratives of the conflict. While they succeed in creating a great deal of noise, they do nothing constructive for Israelis who need more security and Palestinians who need an independent state.

Despite this dire situation, The Third Narrative believes that North American progressives working together with partners in the region can help restore hope for justice, peace and security in Israel and Palestine. To change the cycle of violence into one of hope, we need your support today to continue building a viable alternative movement to oppose the dead end offered by each side in the Israel-Palestine debate.

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With your help, The Third Narrative can:

  • Build regional campus engagement efforts for academics and students as an alternative to both BDS and blind support of Israel;
  • Provide honest materials on Israel and Palestine that recognize the injustice of the occupation while countering the BDS movement’s false accusations against Israel – including that Israel is an apartheid state and the IDF equivalent to oppressive police forces in the US;
  • Create concrete activist campaigns for peace, human rights and reconciliation in Israel and Palestine on campuses and in communities throughout North America; and
  • Connect North American activists with counterparts in Israel and the Palestinian territories who work daily to offer hopeful futures for both peoples.

As a Northwestern student activist in last year’s anti-BDS campaign recently told us, “The Third Narrative is exactly what we needed for the fight against BDS on our campus. We need tools that acknowledge both the terrible reality of occupation in the West Bank and the vital need for Israel to actively work towards the creation of a Palestinian state.”

This student’s position mirrors the views of leading voices across the political spectrum — from Israeli author Ari Shavit to Republican pollster Frank Luntz – who recognize the central role of progressive activists in fighting for a secure and democratic Jewish state of Israel living at peace with a free and independent state of Palestine. The Third Narrative actualizes this moral and strategic position, and with your help we can reach communities across the country.

Thank you for your commitment to a hopeful future for Israelis and Palestinians, and for brighter days ahead, both in the region and on our campuses and in our communities.


Kenneth Bob
President, The Third Narrative

Gideon Aronoff
Executive Director, The Third Narrative

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