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Alice Walker Embraces Antisemitic Writer

By TTN Blog

Best-selling writer Alice Walker has revealed a truth about herself that previously was not seen by TTN editor Ralph Seliger, when he wrote about her strident anti-Israel views back in 2012: she embraces antisemitic conspiratorial thinking about Jews. This JTA/Times of Israel article sums it up, and there is this JTA/TOI follow-up, reporting on how Walker defends herself:

. . .  The author of “The Color Purple” responded on her website Thursday to a controversy aroused by a feature in The New York Times Book Review Sunday, in which she endorsed “And the Truth Shall Set You Free” by the British conspiracist David Icke.

Critics of Walker, and The Times, noted that Icke’s book places Jews and Jewish organizations at the center of a global conspiracy to control the world.

“I do not believe he is anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish,” Walker writes in response. “I do believe he is brave enough to ask the questions others fear to ask, and to speak his own understanding of the truth wherever it might lead. Many attempts have been made to censor and silence him.”

David Icke (Tyler Merbler / Flickr/ Wikipedia)

. . .  “I believe the attempt to smear David Icke, and by association, me, is really an effort to dampen the effect of our speaking out in support of the people of Palestine,” she writes.

This goes way beyond her support for BDS and animus toward Israel.  As phrased in the subhead of Yair Rosenberg’s article in Tablet:

The book, recommended by author Alice Walker, repeatedly cites the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion,’ dubs the Talmud ‘among the most appallingly racist documents on the planet,’ and says Jews funded the Holocaust and control the KKK.  

Our TTN email discussions in recent days have centered on a piece by writer Sarah Schulman in Mondoweiss, which most of us who have commented regard as an “apologia” for Walker.  Schulman does get around (eventually) to characterizing Walker’s views as “simplistic” and “conspiracy theory” in the latter’s attempt to explain the wrongs committed against Palestinians as stemming from the Talmud and Judaism itself.  But Schulman doesn’t look to the violence repeatedly committed against Israeli civilians by Hamas and other Palestinians as hardening Israeli attitudes and thereby strengthening the settlements and deepening the occupation; nor does Schulman really defend Judaism, reduced by Walker to a distorted analysis of the Talmud partially based upon some YouTube videos.  Still, Schulman does us the favor of linking to an antisemitic poem by Walker — It Is Our (Frightful) Duty to Study the Talmud” — written in 2017.  Here’s a sampling:

For the study of Israel, of Gaza, of Palestine,
Of the bombed out cities of the Middle East,
Of the creeping Palestination
Of our police, streets, and prisons
In America,
Of war in general,
It is our duty, I believe, to study The Talmud.
It is within this book that,
I believe, we will find answers
To some of the questions
That most perplex us.

Where to start?

You will find some information,
Slanted, unfortunately,
By Googling. For a more in depth study
I recommend starting with YouTube. Simply follow the trail of “The
Talmud” as its poison belatedly winds its way
Into our collective consciousness.

Some of what you find will sound
Too crazy to be true. Unfortunately those bits are likely
To be true. . . .

Are Goyim (us) meant to be slaves of Jews, and not only
That, but to enjoy it?
Are three year old (and a day) girls eligible for marriage and intercourse?
Are young boys fair game for rape?
Must even the best of the Goyim (us, again) be killed?
Pause a moment and think what this could mean
Or already has meant
In our own lifetime.

You may find that as the cattle
We have begun to feel we are
We have an ancient history of oppression
Of which most of us have not been even vaguely
Aware. You will find that we, Goyim, sub-humans, animals
-The Palestinians of Gaza
The most obvious representatives of us
At the present time – are a cruel example of what may be done
With impunity, and without conscience,
By a Chosen people,
To the vast majority of the people
On the planet
Who were not Chosen.
Not chosen to receive the same dubious
“Blessing” of
Supremacy over the Earth,
Humans, and Beasts of this realm. As is
Stated plainly in the first chapter
Of the Bible we all read.
The Unchosen who, until now,
Were too scared of being
Called names
To demand to know why.  . . . 

Postscript: Nylah Burton, a writer who is both African American and Jewish, shares her insight on Walker’s antisemitism. In an article in New York Magazine, she doesn’t excuse Walker’s hateful prejudice at all, but she believes that it has something to do with her failed marriage with a white Jewish civil rights lawyer, and the hurtful way that his family treated her — sitting shiva for their son and totally rejecting her as a “shvartse.”  Her article amusingly falls within a feature called “Bad Poetry”; Ms. Burton proceeds to critique not only her ideas, but also her antisemitic poem as poetry.

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