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DECAL DEBACLE: AAF Statement on Berkeley Student’s Course

This text by the executive committee of the Alliance for Academic Freedom (AAF) is reprinted from INSIDE HIGHER EDUCATION (October 7, 2016): The University of California, Berkeley, recently briefly suspended a one-credit course already in session as part of the systemwide DeCal program of student-taught courses. The course, Palestine: A Settler-Colonial Analysis, had been promoted on […]

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After Divestment Vote at Berkeley

The ASUC Senate’s deeply misguided vote to divest UC funds from companies affiliated with the Israeli military is, in one sense, utterly irrelevant. Despite its best efforts, the coterie of far-left activists that dominates student politics rarely influences university policy — Chancellor Birgeneau helpfully reminded us that the regents’ investment portfolio will not change. Or, to use the melodramatic […]

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BDS at Berkeley: an Eyewitness View

Simone delivered this presentation at the Second J Street National Conference in 2011. Good afternoon. You’ve heard the other panelists discuss the merits of BDS and whether it’s effective. I recognize that BDS seeks to address serious human rights issues in Israel and the Territories. However, at UC Berkeley, rather than creating discussion, it was […]

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