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AAF on McCarthyism of ‘Canary Mission’

The executive committee of the Alliance for Academic Freedom has published an exposé, in Tablet, of “the fear-mongering, McCarthyesque agenda of Canary Mission, a misguided organization that ‘documents the people and groups that are promoting hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on college campuses in North America’.”  This statement was collectively authored by David Greenberg, Rebecca […]

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DECAL DEBACLE: AAF Statement on Berkeley Student’s Course

This text by the executive committee of the Alliance for Academic Freedom (AAF) is reprinted from INSIDE HIGHER EDUCATION (October 7, 2016): The University of California, Berkeley, recently briefly suspended a one-credit course already in session as part of the systemwide DeCal program of student-taught courses. The course, Palestine: A Settler-Colonial Analysis, had been promoted on […]

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TTN Action Alert: Oppose Academic Boycott of Israeli Anthropologists

The Third Narrative has been working actively with Anthropologists for Dialogue on Israel and Palestine (ADIP) to oppose both academic boycotts of Israel and Israel’s continued occupation that helps prevent the creation of a Palestinian State. ADIP is a strong proponent of the core philosophy of The Third Narrative and is leading this fight in the field of […]

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Rethinking Intersectionality: Expanding the Progressive Tent

“Intersectionality” is a term that has popped up lately in Israel-focused media. It “refers to the way social identities and forms of oppression overlap and intersect,” as Jay Michaelson explains. Intersectionality is now “front and center in the way campus communities are engaging with Israel/Palestine, and linking it to other social issues.” Recently, BDS advocates have […]

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TTN Academics Lead Initiative to Combat Boycott of Israeli Colleagues

The Third Narrative (TTN) was founded to promote a vision that a defense of Israel from unjust attacks and boycotts is fully consistent with an emphatic critique of Israeli policy — including the occupation and settlement expansion — which undermines a future two state solution and peace with the Palestinians. The story below from Walla […]

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The World According to Salaita: ‘Zionism’ as Über-Oppressor

Prof. John A. Shuler of the University of Illinois at Chicago has informed The Third Narrative community of an article by Dr. Steven Salaita, writing in The Nation following the recent settlement of his law suit.  The article begins with the following italicized editorial introduction: On November 12, Professor Steven Salaita settled his case against the University of Illinois […]

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The Third Narrative’s ‘Pursuing Peace’ Teach-In, Part 2

[Click here for Part 1.]   Following the lunch break, a plenary session featured political theorist Michael Walzer in conversation with sociologist Todd Gitlin, largely centering on how they relate to Israel.  Although their positions on the issues are close, Prof. Walzer (pictured with moderator Prof. Alice Kessler-Harris [photo by Gili Getz]) identifies himself as a Zionist, while […]

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