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AAF Urges American Historical Association Members to Choose Scholarship over Divisive, BDS-Related Activism

By Alliance for Academic Freedom

A small group of political activists is seeking to use the American Historical Association—the nation’s oldest professional society for historians—to advance a one-sided Middle East agenda. At its January 2016 business meeting they plan to propose a resolution that rests on factual inaccuracies, assigns blame only to Israel in a complex geopolitical conflict, and neglects other academic freedom violations around the globe. Historians should reject it and insist that the AHA remain a vehicle for scholarship, not political activism.


One Response to “AAF Urges American Historical Association Members to Choose Scholarship over Divisive, BDS-Related Activism”

  1. Jay Bergman
    November 24, 2015 at 5:02 pm #

    The hypocrisy and the moral and intellectual dishonesty of historians supporting the BDS movement are staggering. Approximately a quarter-million innocent people have been slaughtered in Syria, which is directly adjacent to Israel, over the past three years, and judging by these historians’ silence, they could not care less. Nor have any of them, to the best of my knowledge, protested in their capacity as historians the comparable slaughter in southern Sudan, the ongoing genocide in the Middle East against Christians, the barbarism of ISIS, the murder of thousands of homosexuals, Bahais, and other categories of innocent people in Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood’s persecution of Coptic Christians while wielding power in Egypt, Hamas’ promise to exterminate Jews everywhere (not just in Israel), the persistence of slavery in Saudi Arabia, where women are systematically discriminated against — and so on, and so on, and so on. No, the only country these preening hypocrites train their moral microscope is the one country in the Middle East that is democratic, that protects the individual rights of its citizens, Arab and Jewish alike,. and when forced to defend itself goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties.

    The BDS movement is driven by bigotry and anti-semitism, and the historians who support it are culpable of the same. They are a disgrace to my profession.

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