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A Flawed Resolution: Errors, Misrepresentations, and Omissions in the Resolution Before the AHA

By Alliance for Academic Freedom

To read the Alliance for Academic Freedom’s response to the AHA Boycott, click here

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Im Tirtzu’s Pernicious Video Equates Human Rights With Treason

By Mira Sucharov

In its ongoing efforts to demonize Israeli human-rights NGOs, the right-wing organization Im Tirtzu has released a new propaganda video that is terrifying – both intentionally and unintentionally. The video is intentionally terrifying in that it appeals to Israelis’ most immediate, visceral fears these days: being stabbed by a Palestinian in the street. Unlike the […]

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American anthropologists wrong to boycott Israeli academia

By Michele Rivkin-Fish

What is being described as an overwhelming vote for the boycott of Israel in the American Anthropological Association (AAA) mischaracterizes the scope of support for boycotts in the field and downplays the serious anthropology-based alternative presented at the conference to promote justice for Palestinians and Israelis, as well as academic freedom for Palestinian academics. The […]

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The Third Narrative’s ‘Pursuing Peace’ Teach-In, Part 1

By Ralph Seliger

The Third Narrative and Ameinu “Pursuing Peace” Teach-In — Nov. 1, at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism — featured an impressive array of academics and activists who were (in the words of the invitation) “Exploring Progressive Action to Achieve Human Rights, Justice, and Reconciliation in Israel and Palestine.”  Follow the link for YouTube videos online […]

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Scholars Support the Iran Nuclear Agreement

By Scholars for Israel and Palestine

September 3, 2015 TO: Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Members of the U.S. Senate FROM: Partners for Progressive Israel Scholars for Israel and Palestine   Scholars Support the Iran Nuclear Agreement As scholars and professors, we call upon Congress to approve the nuclear agreement with Iran.  We join the 46 retired Israeli generals […]

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Bylaws of the Alliance for Academic Freedom

By Alliance for Academic Freedom

ARTICLE 1. Name and object of the organization. Section 1. The full name of this organization shall be “The Alliance for Academic Freedom.” The short name of this organization shall be “AAF.” Section 2. The AAF is a voluntary association of North American scholars and academics (including graduate students) facilitated by Ameinu. The object of […]

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Palestinian Professor Calls For Deradicalization — Both Friends of Israel and Palestinians

By Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi

To Be Pro-Peace, Pro-Moderation, And Pro-Reconciliation Means To Be Pro-Israel And Pro-Palestine I do not agree with BDS for its targeting all Jews, all Israelis and the idea of an independent Israel; we need to revive the peace camp among Israelis. Similarly, I do not agree with those who provide blind, unconditional support to either […]

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