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Creating a Home for Next-Gen Liberal Jews Through TTN

By Ameinu Office

By Joshua Schwartz  Northwestern University, class of 2015 Dear friend, As I know you’re interested in the work of The Third Narrative (TTN), I’d like to share my personal TTN story and the impact I know it can have on young progressive American students across the country. Like many others in my generation, I experienced the […]

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Which Way ‘Forward’?

By Ralph Seliger

I’m a subscriber to The Forward, where I used to be published with some frequency. An opinion piece that’s gotten my notice the other day is “No, You Can’t Be a Feminist and a Zionist” by one Mariam Barghouti, identified as a writer based in Ramallah. This provocative title was the subject head for a Forward email […]

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Support for Israel Doesn’t Excuse Antisemitism


David Schraub, a colleague in The Third Narrative activist community, lectures at the University of California – Berkeley School of Law.  The following is excerpted from his latest article in Tablet, “THERE IS NO POSITION ON ISRAEL THAT ABSOLVES OR EXCUSES YOUR ANTI-SEMITISM“: Donald Trump ran as the alt-right’s candidate of choice. He began his […]

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White supremacists carry a shield and Confederate flag as they arrive at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S., August 12, 2017.   REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

On Countering White Supremacists

By Kenneth Stern

My article, “HOW TO COUNTER WHITE SUPREMACISTS ENERGIZED BY TRUMP,” was published in the LA Jewish Journal, August 17, 2017: The smartest graffito I ever saw proclaimed “If I didn’t believe it with my own mind, I never would have seen it.” The converse works too: deep beliefs blind people to the obvious. Maybe that […]

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Protocols of the Elders of Fresno

By TTN Blog

This is a follow-up to what was published here on June 21, Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories at Fresno State, courtesy of Steven Lubet, a professor of law at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, and an active member of The Third Narrative community.   He has reported for us and in The Forward on the situation at Fresno […]

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Israeli Entry Ban Violates Academic Freedom

By Alliance for Academic Freedom

(April 3, 2017) — Free societies must give as wide latitude as possible to the speech both of their citizens and their foreign visitors. Some countries punish hateful speech or historical denial that functions as hateful speech; others restrict only speech embodying a call to violence or causing imminent danger of mass panic risking bodily […]

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Ac Conf

Alliance for Academic Freedom Responds to Trump Executive Order

By Alliance for Academic Freedom

Suggests American Academic Associations Move Meetings Abroad so Foreign Scholars Can Attend For More Information Contact: Cary Nelson, 217-356-0649; Kenneth Stern, (January 31, 2017) — The Alliance for Academic Freedom deplores President Trump’s executive order on immigration. As academics we are deeply concerned that it will keep scholars and students from seven Muslim-majority countries […]

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