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Read how one reconciles Jewish nationalism with Palestinian self-determination.


Liberal Zionists Lack Recognition and Support

By Ameinu Office

The following article was written by JTA’s editor in chief, Andrew Silow-Carroll, and republished here with his permission.  It’s prompted by indications in the press that most young Jews completely disregard the existence of liberal/progressive voices within the spectrum of individuals and groups that see themselves as Zionist or pro-Zionist. Silow-Carroll mentions The Third Narrative and Ameinu attempting […]

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Tom Friedman

What Israel’s Nightmare Trajectory May Mean On Campus

By TTN Blog

This post is drawn, with the permission of Robert Jennings, from statements he made on a lengthy email discussion thread of The Third Narrative Google group.  He began with NY Times columnist Tom Friedman’s nightmare scenario of the Middle East, “The Many Mideast Solutions,” which includes Friedman’s view that Netanyahu has probably insured a one-state future for […]

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Phil Weiss

Phil Weiss Extols Prof. Pappe, Attacks All Zionists

By Ralph Seliger

The crusading anti-Zionist journalist, Philip Weiss — founder and co-editor of the vituperative webzine, Mondoweiss — has written a piece carried in the left-wing Portside publication, reporting on an appearance at New York University by Prof. Ilan Pappe, an Anglo-Israeli historian with a decidedly anti-Zionist bent (“‘We wasted 40 years talking about nothing, doing nothing’ […]

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When the Fight Over BDS Is a Jewish Civil War

By Peter Beinart

Vassar, according to one conservative website, is among the ten most anti-Semitic colleges in America. Last month, an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal declared that, “Anti-Israel sentiment mixed with age-old anti-Semitism has reached a fever pitch” there. So it was with some anxiety that I travelled last week to the 155-year old former women’s […]

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M. Cohen’s Case for Incrementalism

By Ameinu Office

Mitchell Cohen is a Baruch College/CUNY professor of political science, a former co-editor of Dissent Magazine and the author of “Zion and State: Nation, Class, and the Shaping of Modern Israel.”  During last year’s Israeli election, he published a series of pieces in The Huffington Post that featured an imaginary discourse with a fictional Israeli strategic analyst […]

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David Hirsh

Sociologist David Hirsh Argues for Israel’s Legitimacy

By Ameinu Office

This is an abridged version of British scholar David Hirsh’s text in a debate with Ilan Pappe and two others at Exeter University.  The full text can be read at the Engage Online website.  There are a few small changes from the original, in punctuation and the setting of paragraph breaks: . . .  Shlomo […]

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Don’t Let Hope for Peace and Security Fade

By Kenneth Bob

Support The Third Narrative Each day’s news bring tragic stories of chaos and violence from Israel and the Palestinian territories, with growing numbers of people injured and killed. Negotiations have ceased. Incitement, anti-democratic legislation and popular racism are exacerbating the already unsustainable status quo. Under these conditions, Israelis and Palestinians are losing hope for a […]

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