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Addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens of progressive politics.


College Student Responds to Anti-Zionist Intersectionality

Adam Chanes is a Northwestern University freshman, who wrote this as a guest columnist for The Spectrum, a student publication.  We reprint it with his permission.  He refers in the first sentence to Northwestern U. groups and another N.U. publication.   Although a stickler on historical detail might have mentioned the crushing of the Bar Kochba revolt in […]

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Rethinking Intersectionality: Expanding the Progressive Tent

“Intersectionality” is a term that has popped up lately in Israel-focused media. It “refers to the way social identities and forms of oppression overlap and intersect,” as Jay Michaelson explains. Intersectionality is now “front and center in the way campus communities are engaging with Israel/Palestine, and linking it to other social issues.” Recently, BDS advocates have […]

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A Progressive Response to BDS

This essay comes in three parts. It begins with a brief statement on the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then presents my take on boycotts generally, and finally offers an analysis of BDS’s mode of operation and its vision for the endgame of the conflict. Assessing the situation Reasonably well informed people, averagely sensitive […]

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American anthropologists wrong to boycott Israeli academia

What is being described as an overwhelming vote for the boycott of Israel in the American Anthropological Association (AAA) mischaracterizes the scope of support for boycotts in the field and downplays the serious anthropology-based alternative presented at the conference to promote justice for Palestinians and Israelis, as well as academic freedom for Palestinian academics. The […]

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A Letter from an Israeli Student and Peace Activist

Dear Fellow anthropologists, I am writing this letter after much hesitation, since I do not see myself as a spokesperson against the BDS movement, nor do I see myself as a representative of the Israeli State (although I am an Israeli citizen). Still, I decided to write this letter since I think that in such […]

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The Third Narrative’s ‘Pursuing Peace’ Teach-In, Part 1

The Third Narrative and Ameinu “Pursuing Peace” Teach-In — Nov. 1, at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism — featured an impressive array of academics and activists who were (in the words of the invitation) “Exploring Progressive Action to Achieve Human Rights, Justice, and Reconciliation in Israel and Palestine.”  Follow the link for YouTube videos online […]

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Breakfast with Palestinian Peace Activists

Last weekend, I met two Palestinian activists in the joint organization of Israeli and Palestinian veterans of the conflict known as Combatants for Peace (CfP).  Invited by a journalist friend, I met at a Manhattan diner with Mohammad Owedah and Sulaiman Khatib, who are touring on behalf of CfP.  They gave us a fascinating picture of themselves, their […]

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