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Differences of opinion on Israel have created a sometimes tense atmosphere in the Jewish community.


As Mideast violence escalates, debate and dialogue shrinks

As hot as things have become in Israel and the West Bank over the last several weeks with escalating violence, here in North America a chill is palpable. It comes in the form of silencing within and across communities – in private homes, on university campuses and in community institutions. It’s coming from both sides: […]

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The Third Narrative’s ‘Pursuing Peace’ Teach-In, Part 2

[Click here for Part 1.]   Following the lunch break, a plenary session featured political theorist Michael Walzer in conversation with sociologist Todd Gitlin, largely centering on how they relate to Israel.  Although their positions on the issues are close, Prof. Walzer (pictured with moderator Prof. Alice Kessler-Harris [photo by Gili Getz]) identifies himself as a Zionist, while […]

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The Third Narrative’s ‘Pursuing Peace’ Teach-In, Part 1

The Third Narrative and Ameinu “Pursuing Peace” Teach-In — Nov. 1, at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism — featured an impressive array of academics and activists who were (in the words of the invitation) “Exploring Progressive Action to Achieve Human Rights, Justice, and Reconciliation in Israel and Palestine.”  Follow the link for YouTube videos online […]

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Breakfast with Palestinian Peace Activists

Last weekend, I met two Palestinian activists in the joint organization of Israeli and Palestinian veterans of the conflict known as Combatants for Peace (CfP).  Invited by a journalist friend, I met at a Manhattan diner with Mohammad Owedah and Sulaiman Khatib, who are touring on behalf of CfP.  They gave us a fascinating picture of themselves, their […]

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Oust the far right Jewish leadership

August 9, 2015 And the Lord said, “For I have chosen [Abraham] to command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord: doing charity and justice.” (Genesis 18:19) In the aftermath of yet more stabbings at the Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem and yet another fire-bombing in the Occupied […]

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The New Danger for Israel on Campus

Rabbi Donniel Hartman’s opinion piece on cultural Zionism and outreach to Jewish students was originally published in The Times of Israel on May 27, 2015 Social media, Federation fundraising videos, and even The New York Times have all placed a spotlight on the growing BDS efforts, anti-Israel resolutions, and verbal attacks that supporters of Israel […]

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Why “The Third Narrative: Progressive Answers to the Far Left’s Critiques of Israel” is a Must-Read

This pamphlet is intended for any American Jewish college student who is confused about the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestiture and Sanctions (BDS) movement and conflicted about what it means to be loyal to human rights values while also remaining loyal to Judaism and the Jewish people. It is also an important resource for their parents and […]

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