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Differences of opinion on Israel have created a sometimes tense atmosphere in the Jewish community.

(((Semitism))) Book 2

Book on Antisemitic Resurgence in US

On March 21st, New York public radio (WNYC) talk show host Brian Lehrer, interviewed  Jonathan Weisman, deputy Washington editor of The New York Times, on his new book, (((Semitism))): Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump (St. Martin’s Press, 2018).  A couple of days before, he was interviewed by Terry Gross on her NPR program, “Fresh Air”: Attacked By […]

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Anti-BDS Laws Undercut Israel Advocacy

Our TTN colleague, David Schraub, a lecturer and researcher in law at the University of California-Berkeley and the California Constitution Center, wrote this opinion piece in The Forward: “Why People Who Oppose BDS Should Oppose Anti-BDS Laws, Too.” A liberal opponent of the anti-Israel BDS campaign, he nevertheless cites examples of how state politicians, university administrators and bureaucrats apply […]

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Zionist ‘Prince’, Now Ex-Zionist

As the son of Yosef Burg, a founder of Israel and leader of the then-moderate religious-Zionist party who served as a cabinet minister in virtually all Israeli governments from 1951 until 1986, Avraham Burg* may be considered a veritable “prince” of Zionism. The younger Burg was also once at the pinnacle of power in Israel, serving variously as: the […]

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Rozana pix NY

Building Bridges Thru Medicine

This post piggybacks on a New York Jewish Week and Times of Israel article by reporter Doug Chandler about Project Rozana, an extraordinary effort to promote understanding between Israelis and Palestinians through facilitating the treatment in Israel of West Bank and Gaza Strip Palestinians in need of specialized care, and to train Palestinian medical professionals in […]

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Which Way ‘Forward’?

I’m a subscriber to The Forward, where I used to be published with some frequency. An opinion piece that’s gotten my notice the other day is “No, You Can’t Be a Feminist and a Zionist” by one Mariam Barghouti, identified as a writer based in Ramallah. This provocative title was the subject head for a Forward email […]

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Center Jewish History

Support New Head of Center for Jewish History

(September 6, 2017)  New York’s Center for Jewish History is currently being subjected to an aggressive and unacceptable outside campaign to discredit its newly appointed CEO and President, David N. Myers of the University of California, Los Angeles. Professor Myers is a widely known and distinguished Jewish studies scholar who is highly qualified to administer […]

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White supremacists carry a shield and Confederate flag as they arrive at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S., August 12, 2017.   REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

On Countering White Supremacists

My article, “HOW TO COUNTER WHITE SUPREMACISTS ENERGIZED BY TRUMP,” was published in the LA Jewish Journal, August 17, 2017: The smartest graffito I ever saw proclaimed “If I didn’t believe it with my own mind, I never would have seen it.” The converse works too: deep beliefs blind people to the obvious. Maybe that […]

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