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Anti-Western Ideology Fuels BDS

This commentary is inspired by “When Your Enemy’s Enemy is Your Enemy,” an article written by the liberal American-Israeli journalist, Gershom Gorenberg, for his usual venue, The American Prospect (March 11, 2016). While his piece does not directly address BDS, it analyzes the anti-Western/anti-Imperialist ideology that often accompanies support for BDS. The summary sentence beneath the title reads: “A defense of Hezbollah […]

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TTN Action Alert: Oppose Academic Boycott of Israeli Anthropologists

The Third Narrative has been working actively with Anthropologists for Dialogue on Israel and Palestine (ADIP) to oppose both academic boycotts of Israel and Israel’s continued occupation that helps prevent the creation of a Palestinian State. ADIP is a strong proponent of the core philosophy of The Third Narrative and is leading this fight in the field of […]

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BDS Targets Israeli Anthropologists

David M. Rosen is an American anthropologist. He earned a J.D. from Pace University School of Law and a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Illinois. He is a Professor of Anthropology and Law at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a Research Fellow (2015-2016) at the Harry Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace, The Hebrew University. […]

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Book by Harvey E. Goldberg

Whither Anthropology: Dialogue or Polarization?

The following is by Harvey E. Goldberg, the Hebrew University emeritus professor of sociology and anthropology who compiled the response of Anthropologists for Dialogue on Israel and Palestine to the task force report submitted to the executive board of the American Anthropological Association.    The Fate of Anthropology: Will the American Anthropological Association be a Source of Dialogue […]

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Anthropologists’ Case for Dialogue vs. Boycott

There’s a pending effort to enlist the American Anthropological Association in an academic boycott of Israel.  The AAA has formed a “Task Force on AAA Engagement on Israel-Palestine,” which issued a report in October 2015 (referred to below as the TFR).  Thanks to Dr. Gila Silverman of the University of Arizona, advocates of The Third Narrative have […]

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Rethinking Intersectionality: Expanding the Progressive Tent

“Intersectionality” is a term that has popped up lately in Israel-focused media. It “refers to the way social identities and forms of oppression overlap and intersect,” as Jay Michaelson explains. Intersectionality is now “front and center in the way campus communities are engaging with Israel/Palestine, and linking it to other social issues.” Recently, BDS advocates have […]

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TTN Academics Lead Initiative to Combat Boycott of Israeli Colleagues

The Third Narrative (TTN) was founded to promote a vision that a defense of Israel from unjust attacks and boycotts is fully consistent with an emphatic critique of Israeli policy — including the occupation and settlement expansion — which undermines a future two state solution and peace with the Palestinians. The story below from Walla […]

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